Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hang Me Up to Dry

So, I'm still plugging along with this whole Etsy thing. It's taking a surprising amount of work to keep my shop relevant and to keep my views up, but it's better than sitting around doing nothing I suppose. Also, I'd really like to be able to see who's viewing all my stuff. Because if it's only family members checking my page every day I'm going to be severely annoyed. You're messing with my stats, people!

Another side note, I'm actually impressed with myself and my ability to create. My listings went from eight invites to a whopping 29 in a little over a week and I'm really excited! Getting the drawing tablet helped, since now instead of scouring the internet for free vector images I can draw my own. Definitely a benefit. Even if I didn't want to buy it for myself originally.

Social networking is the awful thing though, I'm coming to realize. Maybe it's the fact I hate talking about myself or promoting myself in any way, but I just feel incredibly awkward about it all. In my mind nobody cares, so why should I post about it. But I need to get over it if I actually want to go anywhere with this whole invite business thing. Twitter and Facebook need to be my allies instead of my enemies, but let me tell you I'm struggling with it. Twitter more so. Have you ever used it? It's kind of the most narcissistic and ridiculous thing in the world. But I digress.

Here's the links to the various social media I've entered into. Feel free to like, tweet, follow, or whatever it is the cool kids do. Which is apparently not a whole lot if people are actually able to keep up with all these things.

And feel free to check out my shop yet again. There's a bunch of new things hanging around and I'm always updating it. Sometimes once a day even. Crazy, right? Also, buying things would be nice. You know, if you feel like it.

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