Monday, August 27, 2012

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Note: This is not my family. Just a family Google provided for me. I would
feel bad using them if it wasn't for their adorable children. Good job, Google Family!

If there's one thing that Etsy seems to do best, it's reminding you of the impending holidays months before they actually occur. Halloween? You're too late! Christmas? Should have been preparing in July! And though I'd usually rather just laugh and shake my head at these overzealous people, I can't help but think there's some granule of truth in their flailing and fear-mongering. So, I thought, maybe it's not too early to start thinking about Christmas. And so, despite my dislike of Christmas merchandise appearing in stores before Halloween has even come along, I've done it. Four Christmas cards are now in stock in my Etsy store, and I'm sure they'll be joined in no time by some other designs. Feel free to blame me as well as Costco from the Christmas carols you're sure to hear in stores soon enough.

The only thing I'm not sure about is what sort of designs are popular for people? I know the photo Christmas card is a big thing with families, but what about simpler designs? Would people buy printable cards that they can fold themselves? I may have to try a few designs out and just list them. You never know who will buy what, right? Maybe that's what I need realise. And not second guess myself.

What are your thoughts? Do most people like the fancy photo cards? Or prefer the simple, elegant designs that bear a simple 'Merry Christmas' with stylized mittens? It's so hard to decide!

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