Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let It Snow!

Is it bad that I'm this happy we finally have snow down here in SoAl? Maybe it was because the lack thereof made it seems less than Christmas-y, but now that it's here I rather excited. Now I can actually feel like Christmas holidays are coming, and with that all the delicious Christmas food that comes with it.

I'm not looking forward to that lovely winter driving but I think so far things are off to a good start. Drivers don't seem to be too idiotic so we may be in luck. Hopefully. I may still be crossing my fingers, just in case.

If I wasn't so lazy I'd go take pictures, but my lack of nice camera doesn't help with the lack of motivation. I'm not a real blogger yet anyways, so maybe sometime. Eventually.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is your monthly update.

Apparently I'm incapable of keeping a blog updated. Maybe it's because I don't think my life is terribly exciting in one way or another, so I neglect this thing. Thanks to my sister I was reminded I even had a blog, never mind that I needed to update it.

So where am I at? Wedding plans continue (who knew creating a registry could take three hours?!), sprinkled with the occasional bout of babysitting. Wait, perhaps 'bout' isn't the correct term. It makes it sound like some sort of disease instead of an evening where my sister pays me in food. Perhaps 'stint' or 'term' would be appropriate. But I digress.

Rewind to my comment about the registry, and perhaps we have a real update forming. The Beau and I had initially envisioned this to be a brief expenditure. An hour, maybe an hour and a half max, and we'd be done and I could go to bed early and all would be well. Who knew we'd be roped in to spending three hours with the (and I directly quote) 'head of customer service and bridal department aka the best person you could tour the store with'. She was friendly, informative, and all together exhausting. I have never spent three hours of my life in a home store and I can't say I ever want to again. You can only stare at a wall of kitchen gadgets while a grinning store employee asks you if you think you need a pickle picker for so long. (Yes that indeed exists. Here, have a link)

Either way, we got it over with. Also probably requested far too many towels and not enough kitchen gadgets. The Dyson vacuum could be considered overkill, but maybe someone has a place in their hearts to bless us with that lovely machine. We can only hope.