Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is completely relevant.

Can I just say how much I enjoy Pinterest? I had no idea such a website existed, but when my ever fantastic sister pointed it out to me I was instantly enthralled. A website that has pretty things on it, many of which I want to buy? Check. Easily used? Check. Instant time waster? Double check. I find it more like a visual bookmarking system than anything, but oh how I love it! From home decor to outfits to things I like, it all can be found on the simple site.

Did I mention recipes? Because they have some delicious stuff. I've only made the amazing 'buffalo chicken casserole' so far but needless to say I'm sold. Also, finding cute outfits is fantastically easy and if anything just makes me want to spend money. Which I'm unable to do, what with Weddingextravaganza constantly on my mind. Oh well, a girl can oggle, can't she? Coveting sweaters and skirts is hardly a sin, in my mind at least.