Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happiest Place On Earth

Alright, alright. I know this blog took a dramatic nose dive into the inactive but in my defense I couldn't think of anything to write about. Not to mention wedding stuff took over my brain and the blog was shoved into the back of my mind. But now, fresh off the honeymoon, I actually have something to talk about! A story even. Partly because I don't want to forget this hilarious story and because it needs to be shared. Seriously.

Not part of the hilarious story, but important for context.

So we went to Walt Disney World in Florida for our honeymoon. We expected it to be fabulous and a lot of fun and it definitely was. We got the 'Happily Ever After' buttons to announce our newlywed status and to subsequently gain any benefits because of it. That was incredibly successful, almost detrimental. Sure we enjoyed the pleasure of free dessert one night and a free day of parking, but we also appeared to be targeted by performers. Enter our day at Hollywood Studios.

I'm still not completely sure what they were other than hilarious.

We were just minding our business enjoying their skit in the middle of the street, when the 'police officer' noticed our buttons and began to yell at the top of his lungs 'ARE YOU GUYS MARRIED? DID YOU JUST GET MARRIED? OH MY GOSH YOU'RE MARRIED'. The lady quickly latched on to whatever idea he was running on and they flocked to us. Notice my apprehensive laughter due to the fact we had no idea where this was leading. After asking about the wedding the police officer then asked us if we'd mind reenacting his favorite part of the wedding, and without much else to do other than go along with it we agreed. To walk to the aisle. In front of an entire group of people.

I couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

Not only that though, but they insisted on providing the music themselves, as well as grabbing a few randoms from the crowd to be the officiator and my maid of honor. My maid of honor was adorable and promptly wished us well. I love cute old ladies.

They rolled out the red carpet, started humming the wedding tune and I had to walk towards Adam while trying to keep a straight face. Incredibly impossible, but so much fun. I have to give props to these actors that just wander around Hollywood Studios because they are so downright hilarious and manage to roll with whatever they want. Sure it's embarrassing but it definitely made our day as well as a fun memory documented thanks to the Photopass worker with her quick trigger finger. So much fun though, I'd recommend the trip to anyone that doesn't mind hopping from park to park. Just keep an open mind and who knows what you end up getting involved in.

We also met an Oscar winner. I got to hold his umbrella.

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