Monday, December 12, 2011

White Wonderland.

You know, I thought I hated winter. The snow was only around because it was cold after all, and who likes having to venture out into -30C weather? Cars sure don't, since you are almost required to plug them in once the thermometer reaches -25, so why were us Albertans so adamant that life needed to continue on once the colder months approached?

And then this year happened. It was, dare I say, gorgeous weather for most of November and for a province that tends to get it's first snowfall by October 31 every year this sort of thing was rather alarming. At first I enjoyed it, laughing to myself as I passed my snow brush in my entry way, but then slowly as December crept up I was a tad upset. It didn't feel like December, never mind Christmas. Dare I say I almost shed a tear.

But finally we've received the ample coating of that lovely snow and needless to say I'm feeling ready for Christmas and the subsequent break from work and responsibilities. Not to mention it being a tad bit chilly gives me an excuse for a Starbuck drink now and again, and who can really complain about that. Maybe, despite my initial dislike of Albertan winters, I actually enjoy it all along. This is certainly an interesting revelation but as I clutch my Grande Caramel Brulee Steamer I can't say I'm complaining.

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